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Wk 19 – Fear Factor

I’m not talking about the TV show hear but real life and real people.

Webster defines fear in a few different ways but  its simple meaning is “a feeling of anxiety or ambush caused by the presence or nearness of danger, evil or pain”.  In the opening part of our reading this week it states that fear is a powerful form of thought paralyzing our entire physical and mental state.

The way to overcome fear is to become conscious of power. As the reading states we don’t know what the mysterious force is that overcomes fear.  I may beg to differ because I believe its Faith.

One of the ancient writers who followed the Master Teacher states that “he has not given us the spirit of fear but of power of love and of a sound mind”.  We can have the power by knowing who we are and our purpose in the universe.  By using,  living and utilizing love we set our course to care about more than just ourselves. Through it all we have a sound mind which is  state of peace and security in  relating to the creator and our fellow man.

We also know from the old writings that faith is a substance or something real.  As in the Peter Pan stories their was imaginary fairy dust but in our world there is faith.  Hill wrote an entire chapter on it and for good reason.  The three greatest virtues are faith, hope and love and to live our without one of them is like a bad recipe without flavor and texture.

I have a millionaire acquaintance whose mission everyday is to make someone else’s life better.  Not with one particular thing but just better.  Remember wherever I go I bring a gift……….

Dale Carnegie said “Inaction breeds doubt and fear.  Action breeds confidence and courage”. What could be a better way to overcome fear but to take our purpose in life mixed with faith, hope and love mixed with action.

Goodbye fear.   WG


Wk 18 – The Lock Box

While in the garage the other day I ran across a small white box I haven’t seen in years.  after opening it and looking in I found it to be full of mini padlocks.  These were the kind that one would use to lock up a suitcase or duffel for traveling in the days before the TSA would not let you seal up your bags.

As I pondered what to do with them since they are now of no real value a series of thoughts struck me.  How many locks in our life times do we place on our mind and how is one able to open the locks and release a new outer world.

If you’ll bear with me for a minute I’m going to introduce a few acronyms here.  LOCK, or locking out correct knowledge and LICK, letting in correct knowledge. 

As person comes into this world and progresses through the different seasons on life he or she picks up these locks.  The negative world in which we live naturally adds more and more situations or reasons that would even without knowing it allow the locks to be placed.  As we know from the MKMMA the “world within becomes the world without”. It’s very sad to say but most never even realize that they have become their own worst enemy.  The thoughts and concepts they carry keep then far away from ever realizing that they have unlimited potential.

Looking in from the other side and studying the acronym, LICK or letting in correct knowledge we are able to see life from a new perspective.  As a person who’s addicted to alcohol or gambling the first step in recovery of any kid is to first identify and admit that they have a problem.  So it is with the locked mind.  There is no solution without confession of the problem.

When I first heard of the MKMMA class early last summer and listened to Mark J in an interview I was intrigued and brought to my knees over what I was hearing.  I had been in very successful career for over 25 but had hit a wall.  Mentally and physically I was exhausted. Since completing 18 weeks of the class I have totally new perspective on life and a purpose.  My wife sees the difference and always behind me in continuing my pursuits.  I’m happier than I’ve ever been because I now know that I have control and focus.

As we know from class that knowledge has to be applied and with the guidance of the team I have executed and felt the results.  Because of the MKMMA team mission I now do also and will be a crier of the news.

Thank You All.    WG




WK 17HJ – The Gold Watch

I know a man who spent 30 working for a well known corporation.  He worked diligently all that time and won many awards along journey and was compensated quite well for his time there.  He set it in his mind all those years that they would reward him handsomely for his efforts but was set back on his heels by his service award.

He made the job into a graven image of wealth and prestige or as it says in our reading from Haanel  this week pursuing symbols and power instead of the power itself.

What of the award.  In the end it was no gold watch but one of stainless steel and crystal.  The company claimed it was worth about $300 but after looking on Amazon it could be purchased for a mere $179.  He was devastated at the award but because it was corporate America he could say nothing but thank you.

Everyday in this wild world as we know it people knowingly or unknowingly set up these symbols of power, fashion & wealth only to be disappointed in the end.

There is nothing wrong with wealth or having nice things for work and sacrifice well done but beware making theses things the end and not enjoy the journey.  If one operated from a position of servitude and a giving spirit one will be rewarded.  Give more get more.

Life will be what we make of it and we are learning that we can make it whatever we want.


Wk 17 – Be a “Go Giver”

While Driving a few weeks ago the radio host made the comment that in his opinion that at this time in the history of America, people are the rudest they’ve ever been.  People  are on the phone, or cutting you off in traffic or some other rudity if that’s such a word.  If you think about it, it may or may not be true but there could be something to the observation.

We live in this instant age which may stem from television where the actors can solve all the  worlds problems in 60 minute show.  Or as in the old song by the group Alabama goes “we’re  in a hurry and don’t know why”.  A lot of people are chasing the buck or some even just trying to feed themselves or who knows what else.

Why am I saying all this?  From few weeks back where we took on the Kindness challenge in conjunction with the Franklin virtue exercise I’ve noticed some things.  First of all the more kindness I showed the more I got in return.  What a concept give more get more.  I know this is a few weeks after that exercise but I’m still seeing the returns.

Imagine in a few months and we are getting back returns on all of the virtues.  Since taking MKMMA class my level of awareness has blossomed on everything around me.  Going back to the weeks we worked on the no opinion and negativity diet I see the world a from a different angle.  I realized how really opinionated I was but that may from growing up in the northeast, just kidding.

From the words of the Master Teacher almost 2000 years ago, ” give and it shall be given unto to you”.  I’m just saying to just selfishly give to get but give from the perspective of the greatest of the virtues, Charity or Love.

In the words of one of our daily readings,  “give without expectation of reciprocity from the channels we enrich,  because I know I’m in the dynamic flow of giving and receiving”.

What a gift,  “Be a Go Giver”.  WG



Wk 16 – The List Please

In his day Ben Franklin was one of the true renaissance men.  A speaker, a politician, an ambassador, an gentleman and the list could go on.  How did he accomplish so much in his life and reach such influential positions?  There were probably many things  contributing to his climb but we know of one for sure his “Virtue List”.

What was this and how and why did it work for him?  He simply listed the 11 most important virtues to him and worked on each one  until he mastered them.  He kept track of them in his journal and would put a tick mark next to each as he reached his improvement target.  This may be the earliest recorded version of an offline self development plan.

For the MKMMA class we’ve taken it a step further by adding two more items.  One is a quality and the other an observation.  As we know from our class is that Awareness is the beginning of change.

The first of the two  is kindness.  Webster defines it as the habit of being kind.  Kind for our purposes can briefly be described as cordial, loving & affectionate.  It’s brilliant in our custom list that we are acting and observing the virtues and recording both, hence R2A2.

We identify,  magnify  &  multiply and by thinking on these things, hence the Law of Growth.  What we think about grows and what we ignore atrophies. Franklin was the early version of the Law of Attraction at work.

Last to our list is the observation item,  “See God in others”.   No matter where you are in your spiritual journey God may have different meanings for you.  I respect your view and you mine.  Whatever the infinite intelligence is in your life see the good qualities from the view point of your source of energy.  This incite based on your God will show you the great and uplifting qualities of your fellow man.

Learn from the make over list and make the observations yours.  BG





Wk 15 – Miracle’s & Miracle Whip

What’s he talking about this week.  It could be an event or an appetizer depending who your talking to.

Webster defines and miracle as “a wonderful event or thing thought to have spiritual origins and defying science.”  If you would ask a young school student they might think of the works of the Master Teacher from a Sunday school class.  Even farther out on the limb Miracle Whip on a sandwich.

As older adults we tend become more skeptical or cynical by thinking that there are no more miracles and dismiss the whole idea.

To be more specific what I’m talking about in this blog is from our reading from Og about being the miracle, in fact nature’s greatest miracle. It takes a writing such as Og’s to enlighten us to this idea as most of the world each day concentrates on their shortcomings and negativity.

Though we are of the animal kingdom we are without a doubt the most unique creature of nature.  We are created in the shape and form of our creator making each person special.  Og says we are rare and there is value in rarity.  We all have similar gifts and we all have our own gifts, none to the same.

We in this class have been given the privilege to be enlightened not automatically but with choice and work.  Every person has choice but few choose in the right direction.  When one open ones mind to the true infinite intelligence of the universe literally the sky’s the limit.

We,  man or woman are the only creatures in the animal kingdom with these gifts to choose and learn with reasoning.  This is the secret that makes us all so special.

We are truly nature’s greatest miracle.  WG